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ALECTIA is a leading Danish consulting company specialising in building, process technology, occupational health and safety, water, energy and the environment ALECTIAS’s cross-disciplinary approach to the projects we work on combined with our extensive knowledge of trade-specific, business-related, environment and social factors make us unique among consultants. Taking our vision Masterminding Sustainable Progress as our starting point, we strive to develop innovative and sustainable solutions which create long-lasting value for both clients and society. Our clients include production companies, breweries, dairies, slaughterhouses and pharmaceutical companies as well as educational institutions, utility companies, investors and private building owners.

Based on ALECTIA's field of work, it will experience very effective collaboration in IRAN and the Middle East. Iranian private and public companies such as dairy factories can be good business partners for ALECTIA. The Innovative and creative method which ALECTIA use to perform its projects helps Iranian and the Middle Eastern stockholders to improve their business. Lack of water and natural resources in producing nourishing and healthy food, made the optimization of production processes, very significant job. Therefore, the owners of these businesses in IRAN and the Middle East can take benefit of ALECTIA's expertise in their optimization process. ALECTIA was founded in 1912 and today has 700 employees who are passionate about their work. ALECTIA which offers services in 21 categories include 166 different areas believes that future challenges cannot be solved by one competence group alone. That’s why they work in cross-disciplinary teams, where they have a common objective to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for their clients. ALECTIA in order to know better Iranian market entered IRAN with the Danish delegation and talked to Iranian experts; based on this recognition in 2016, will expand its cooperation with IRAN and the Middle East.
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Alectia A/S Teknikerbyen 34 2830 Virum Denmark