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BIC group Competences and international experience with commissioning and maintenance of cutting edge technology .

BIC Group is an international provider of high quality electrical and mechanical services in industrial automation, industries  & buildings, oil & gas and wind power. With BIC Group as subcontractor, customers can smoothly scale capacity up or  down to adapt to the market demand or to handle bigger projects more confidently. We are skilled, dedicated, qualified and hard-working engineers and technicians who have extensive experience working in foreign countries. We comply with all local labor market and health and i safety regulations With us, businesses improve competitiveness by gaining a degree of flexibility and an added competence value, without the hassle of paperwork, transportation, visas etc. We are an international organization working across borders because we were born to do so.

BIC Electric is one of about 60 companies participating in the official Danish business delegation to IRAN, which during this visit in January 2016, had business consulting with Iranian companies. BIC ELECTRIC assumes IRAN and the Middle East, not only as a market but also believes the partnership with IRAN, opens the door to further collaboration with other countries in the region, including Iraq, Afghanistan and Azerbaijan. Iranian companies expressed desire to be partner with BIC ELECTRIC during recent visit that caused a pretty well business future between IRAN and BIC ELECTRIC. During BIC ELECTRIC journey to IRAN, the interest in business to business meetings was enormous, with over 300 guests, and they had a very busy days talking to Iranian companies. They describe IRAN so exciting, and found out Iranian very open and keen to cooperate with European businesses, acquire new technologies and expand. BIC ELECTRIC started to- work in 2004. This company so far with its 200 employees did lots of projects all over the world in more than 25 countries. BIC ELECTRIC provides services in four main sections: • Industrial Automation • Industry and Buildings • Oil and Gas • Wind Power
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