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Carletti a world of chocolate and candy since 1918 Carletti was established in 1918 by two brothers, Henry Peder and Niels Carl Jacobsen. Carletti has two production facilities, one in Denmark and one in Poland certified to international standards (BRC and IFS) to ensure the highest level of food safety and they produce: Chocolate gift boxes, other chocolates, Drageé, Winegum, Licorice and Toffees At Carletti our values are as follows: 1) Customer-orientation: a) No customers, no Carletti b) Dynamic and close partnership 2) Responsibility: Towards our customers, shareholders, the environment and ourselves 3) Quality awareness: High quality in everything we do and constant focus on improvement Our aim with participating in this business delegation is to find a partner in ran who can market and distribute our products to the Iranian people.

Carletti Company which is one of the oldest producers of chocolate and cookies in Denmark, believes Iran and Middle East have good potential to corporate with. Carletti was founded in 1918 by two brothers. Today, Carletti produces and sells a wide variety of chocolate and candy products through retailers for private consumers – primarily in Denmark and Northern Europe. In addition, Carletti has an assortment of dragee products for industrial use in bakery, ice cream and dairy products. Chocolate and cookies producing is very popular in Iran and the Middle East. There are lots of producer in IRAN who make all kind of chocolate, cakes and cookies, and always keep the quality of their products up-to-date, and making them in diversify to satisfy all tastes. Therefore Carletti and Iran and the Middle East can have good cooperation. Carletti have both BRC (British Retail Consortium) and IFS (International Food Standard) certification. These two very highly respected standards define requirements concerning food safety, quality, building layout, hygiene, employee conduct, etc. Carletti has two production facilities, one located in Denmark and the other in Poland. Iranian and Middle Eastern producers can be another representive of Carletti.
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Carletti A/S Grenaavej 641 8541 Skoedstrup Denmark.