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CHRISTINA Jewelry & Watches Verified

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The fastest growing Danish jewelry brand of today and has just been awarded the Danish Financial Times Gazelle growth-award 2015

GENUINE DREAMS Genuine dreams come true when the jewelry is genuine, too.

CHRISTINA’s Jewelry and Watches are always genuine The sterling silver, hand cut ltalian leather, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, amethysts and all the other gemstones are handcraft- ed into small works of art by accomplished craftsmen. Genuine. Authentic. At CHRISTINA Jewelry & Watches we are proud to be part of the Danish trade delegation to the lslamic Republic of Iran, We look very much forward to welcoming all new future partners to the CHRISTINA universe and to start up new prospering business relationships in a new and exciting market place. Welcome to the world of CHRISTINA.

Christina Jewelry is one of the most famous jewelry manufacturers in Denmark which in Iran and Middle East is known among people who is active in this field. Jewelry is a precious good in Iran and Middle East so that approximately 1.5 tons of gold and silver annually exchanged in Iran. Public interest in jewelry in Middle East made a very good jewelry market in this region which attracts Jewelry manufacturer's attention. This is only nine years which Christina Jewelry's activities in the field of jewelry design and production has begun, but now it has 250 Danish jewelry designer and exports jewelry and watches to 15 countries around the world. Also it has won numerous awards during this 9 year in jewelry designing. Jewelry Christina has two agencies in Iran. One of them is located in Tehran and another one in Shiraz. Christina also has another agent in United Arab Emirates which it signs dealership contracts between Christina and three countries in Middle East including Bahrain, Qatar and UAE. In Addition, Christina has an agent in Erbil of Iraq, another one in Amman, capital of Jordan. Christina also cooperates in Middle East, with Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia. Bursa city in Turkey is another agent of Christina in the Middle East.
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