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Danish Export Association: Your shortcut to a world of leading suppliers

Danish Export Association is the largest organizer of export networks, export promotions and courses within export sales in Denmark. Our more than 580 member companies are grouped in networks according to customer segments and are all leading suppliers within their field.

This makes Danish Export Association an excellent platform for locating new suppliers, manufacturers, consultants or service providers within 13 different industries. Danish Export Association is a private, non-profit organization that is owned and driven by the member companies. We have more than 50 years of experience within export and every year we organize 40-50 export promotions to more than 25 different markets all over the world.

DANISH EXPORT is the largest organization in Danish export network .In January 2016, DANISH EXPORT visited Iran to have an estimation of IRAN and Middle East market. After DANISH EXPORT's team came back from Iran, they realized IRAN is a very good market to supply Danish products. Danish dairy products are one of the qualified and favorite Danish products around the word, which IRANIAN people are so interested in. In addition to Iran, other Middle Eastern countries are also like these products. Currently exports of Denmark to Iran are approximately $ 150 million per year. Today, once sanctions are lifted, DANISH EXPORT's believes that Iran and Middle East are a great chance for cooperation. Green Energy is another expertise which DANISH EXPERT and Middle Eastern countries could extend their corporation. IRAN and Middle East, despite having valuable and abundant resources, still have a long way to take advantage of this wealth. Using green energy is a suitable substitute for oil and gas. DANISH EXPORT predicts IRAN will have very bright future in this industry and wants to increase its cooperation with Iranian experts in green energy production. In March 2016, an aquaculture exhibition will be held in United Arab Emirates, which Saudi Arabia, UAE and Oman will be the host of DANISH EXPORT.
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