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Danish Shipowners Association Verified

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The Danish Shipowners’ Association is a trade- and employer organisation for more than 40 shipowners.

Half of the Associations’ members own ships registered in Denmark, the other half run their activities in Denmark but their ships are run under other flags of state.

All together, the members of the Danish Shipowners’ Association own around DWT 14 million, which add up to more than 95 per cent of the Danish merchant fleet registered in the Danish International Shipregister (DIS). The Danish Shipowners’ Association was established in 1884. Since then it has been working as a collective point for the Danish shipping industry, and today it plays an important and active role in relation to the authorities and decision-makers nationally and internationally.

Apart from its members the Danish Shi Association serves the two other shipowners’ associations in Denmark: the Shipowners’ Association of 2010 and the Danish car Ferry Association.

Danish Ship Owners' Association led their international activities to Iran and the Middle East. Now Iran's naval industry's heads, admitted the lack of sufficient number of enough large ships and want to provide these needs. Danish Ship Owners' Association established in Copenhagen Denmark from 1884 and create jobs and ensure training and investment in development and technology in Denmark and abroad, and has created 25,000 jobs in Denmark. Iran and the Middle East due to its important position in the region have an urgent need of suitable ships for transport their goods. Today, 80-90 per cent of goods moved in world are transported by ship and the most important good in Iran and Middle East is oil which transporting it makes Shipping industry very especial in Middle East. Because IRAN' top priority is production and employment, government is seeking to use the financial resources to provide marine and coastal equipment's, especially in construction of cargo ships and oil tankers. Iranians are interested in inbound and outbound investing, in Martine and port industries and they should properly use the opportunity of lifting Sanctions. Middle Eastern countries may also use this opportunity and make an effective cooperation with Danish Ship Owners' Association.
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