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EKF Finance your purchase from Denmark and benefit from stable, long-term financing at competitive rates

EKF can help if you are looking to

buy Danish goods and services

secure credit from a Danish bank or an international bank benefit from a stable and diversified financing solution We help you put together the right combination of financing solutions. If you need long-term financing to buy goods or services from a Danish company, we can help you arrange financing through a bank. EKF is Denmark’s Export Credit Agency. We participate in both small and large transactions. You will be offered a competitive financing deal once you are covered by our AAA-guarantee to back your credit from a Danish or international bank.

EKF is ready for guarantees covering IRAN. EFK (Denmark’s Export Credit Agency), is established in 1922, to attract customers in other countries to help Danish companies to buy their products. EFK helps Danish companies make it possible and attractive for customers abroad to purchase Danish products. EFK wants to enhance its corporation with IRAN. During the last months, EKF has received many enquiries about Iran from Danish export companies and is already considering concrete orders. On 4 January 2016, EKF and the Iranian Ministry of Finance signed a cooperation agreement ensuring a better financial basis for trade between the two countries once the sanctions are lifted. This agreement will create a very good position in Middle East for businessmen. Already EKF after having continuous cooperation with India and China is interested to work in West Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Valuable business opportunities in Iran and Middle East made EFK to ignore the difficulties that will happen due to long distance and lack of proper recognition of Middle East region, and announce their willingness to cooperate with Iran and Middle East. Initially, EKF will be ready to cover letters of credit and other transactions guaranteed by a bank or the Iranian state. For example, a number of Iranian banks have not yet been given access to the so-called Swift system that handles international payments.
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