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Emirates Global Trading Your No.1 trading partner in Iran .

Emirates Global Trading’s mission is to provide a clear business development designed to establish both direct and indirect sales channels from The Western World to lran and The Middle East.

The purpose of Emirates Global Trading is to identify and target the key buyers that need your products and local partners who can assist you to sell your technology. We have an extensive, precise and up to date database on all key-buyers and local partners throughout Iran and The Middle East. Emirates Global Trading will ensure that you will receive a constant stream of qualified contacts from the right key buyers and local partners.

Emirates Global Trading is a trilateral cooperation among Iran, the United Arab Emirates and Denmark which is founded to connect Middle Eastern countries to Western world in order to make trade cooperation. Emirates Global Trading is doing business in following areas: • Agriculture • Automotive • Medical • Information technology • Marine and Offshore • Oil and Gas • Software • Retail • Power and Wind Energy • Construction • Water Treatment • Sport Brands Emirates Global Trading owns three offices in IRAN, Denmark and UAE. Having offices in three countries, makes it always aware of the latest technology and market changes both in the West and the East of the world. Emirates Global Trading goal is to build new sales channels, find strong local partners, new customers and buyers, to identify projects, and most importantly to increase your customers base throughout Europe and IRAN and the Emirates. You can reach to your local partners and Key Buyers which are found by using Emirates Global Trading's Consultants expertise, the 300,000 industrial contacts database, the research department, local marketing, its Dubai partners and Offices. Emirates Global Trading's service benefits all types and sizes. From small middle size companies to large enterprises and major corporations. Emirates Global Trading deep understanding of the region can open the door to you to find your favorite market.
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