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Evergas is a Danish shipping company established in 1883, owned by Greenship Gas & Jaccar Holdings Evergas is a Danish shipping company established in 1883, wholly owned by Greenship Gas & Jaccar Holdings. We are a world leader in seaborne transportation of petrochemical gas with focus on ethane, ethylene and LPG. We offer our customers safe, simple, innovative and efficient shipping solutions. Part of our global strategy is to position the Company for the development of Liquefied Natural Gas, Natural Gas Liquids distribution. Transportation of LNG and LPG is of particular interest for Evergas in Iran Evergas seeks to establish contact and create long-term relation- ships with Iranian partners within petrochemical and utility industries. The partners we seek to do business with will have a long-term perspective on the maritime and energy sector and actively looking for top tier service providers to support their product value chain.

Evergas Company to archive its goals, cooperate in the liquefied natural gas transportation and to consult with Iranian officials and company owners of transport and energy came to IRAN. Petrochemical companies in IRAN are eager to establish long-term trade relationships with Evergas. The growing demand for global natural gas and huge reserves in IRAN require that IRAN plays an active role as a reliable supplier of natural gas in interaction with gas customers especially in Asia and Europe. IRAN extensive network for gas and related facilities with plans which is in progress, and having multiple ports in the Persian Gulf and access to international waters provide a suitable basis for IRAN to transfer gas to growing markets in South East Asia and also Europe. On the other hand Evergas position has been reached through experience-based innovation and long-term dedication in making complex gas transports simple, safe and efficient. They have this clear ambition to continuously improve our services and set new standards for efficient and sustainable gas transport at sea. Evergas can assist IRAN to transfer its valuable energy of gas to those areas of needs.
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Evergas A/S Kalvebod Brygge 39-41 1560 Kobenhavn Denmark