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Falck a Global Provider of Safety and Rescue Services

Falck was founded in 1906 and is headquartered in Copenhagen. The main activities are to provide services aimed at preventing accidents and diseases, handling emergency situations and alleviating the after-effects. The Falck Group runs operations in 45 countries on six continents with approx. 35,000 employees and generated total revenues of approx. USD 2 billion in 2014. Falck’s core business areas include: Emergency international provider of ambulance services, medical services and fire and rescue services (brigades, training and high level fire hazard management consultancy) Assistance Nordic provider of subscription based assistance services (roadside assistance and home emergency services) and global provider of assistance services to travellers Falck Global Assistance) Healthcare-Nordic provider of healthcare services Safety Services leading global provider of safety training to the oil- & gas industry and the maritime sector.

Global Provider of Safety and Rescue Services, FALCK Company was a part of Danish delegation came to Iran at the beginning of January 2016. Falck is Scandinavia’s largest provider of occupational health solutions and provides three million people with healthcare services. Globally, Falck is a leader in rescue and safety courses, especially for staff in the off shore and maritime sector. At 32 training centers in 20 countries on five continents, Falck trains clients to take care of themselves and their colleagues. FALK provides services in these arias: • Emergency medical services • Patient transport services • Medical centres, clinics and doctors-on-call services • Global medical and security assistance • Employee assistance programmes • Healthcare staffing services • Fire services • Oil and gas safety services • Mining services • Major emergency management initial response • Roadside assistance • Home and building safety FALK now has a representative in the United Arab Emirates, which provides offshore safety services and industrial safety services. The agency is run by 25 employees. FALK's other office in the Middle East, is located in Qatar and has 7 employees. Falck entered the Turkish market in 2010 as its third office in the Middle East, which with 14 employees almost offers all FALK's services in Turkey.
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