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Haldor Topsoe Verified

Making optimal performance possible , in Iran and around the globe

Topsoe is a world leader in catalysis and surface science committed to optimal performance for our customers. Our high-end catalysts, supported by engineering, technical, business and training services, help our customers get the most out of their processes and products, using the least possible energy and resources. We design, engineer and license a broad range of processes for chemical processing, hydroprocessing and emissions management. Topsoe offer over 150 different catalysts and we design and manufacture catalysts and equipment tailored for specific customer needs. Topsoe’s methanol technology is being used in Iranian plants today.

Other services of particular interest in Iran are natural gas to chemicals (ammonia, methanol, gasoline, DME etc., hydrogen production, wet gas sulfuric acid (WSA) flue gas desulfurization (SNOXTM), and refinery (hydroprocessing, environmental, sulfur management)

Less than one month ago TOPSOE announced that it will open a new office in IRAN and celebrate new deal. The decision is made based on the company’s deep-rooted knowledge of the sector and long-standing relations with Iranian companies. TOPSOE Company was founded in 1940 by DR haldor Topsoe. TOPSOE is active in the field of petrochemical catalysts. Middle East Kimia-e Pars co is an Iranian Company which in 2009, decided to establish a factory based on TOPSOE's knowledge and technology. For that reason the contract of License, performing basic engineering of licensed process units, technological and technical accompany during execution of the project and training was concluded on February 2009. On 7th September 2011, a contract between TOPSOE and Middle East Kimia-e Pars co was signed, to supply catalysts, materials, and proprietary equipment. After establishing TOPSOE's representative in Iran, the communications between Iranian companies and also Middle Eastern countries and TOPSOE Will be greatly facilitated. TOPSOE has four oil projects in Iraq on his resume. Also did several contract agreements in other Middle Eastern countries including Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. TOPSOE has no doubt that because the sanctions are lifted; IRAN is on the doorstep to a period of great progress.
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