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ABOUT Helnan International Hotels

“Helnan” an international group that was established in 1982 by its founder Enan Galaly is an international company, head-quartered in Denmark. Our experience is based on owning, managing and developing more than 40 five and four star hotels in different parts of the world.

The group has acquired world-wide experience in upgrading first class hotels in Scandinavia, USA and the Middle East. Helnan International operates under the slogan “The Symbol of Scandinavian Hospitality”. Since its establishment, Helnan International has been extremely unique in its hotel development work in the hospitality industry Helnan International has excellent experience on taking depressed hotels and develops it to become landmark hotels in several countries.

HAINAN HOTELS group traveled to IRAN at the beginning of 2016, in order to expanding its activities in IRAN and the Middle East. So far HAINAN HOTELS has created and managed 4-5 star hotels in the Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt. “Helnan” an international group that was established in 1982 and Today have the most of its hotel in Egypt. Helnan's Multinational management team makes Helnan to have a deep understanding of other countries culture; specially IRAN and Middle Eastern countries. And Helnan based on this knowledge build and manage the hotels according the host country's traditions and culture. IRAN and some other countries in the Middle East, in addition to the natural, traditional and cultural attractions, in terms of religious also are important among Muslims in the world and that’s why they are always being considered by Muslims to visit. HELNAN HOTELS is aware of this fact, and believes IRAN and the Middle East are perfect partners for cooperation in the future. The beautiful hotels with best facilities in Jeddah, Mecca and Medina which built and managed by HELNAN Group, today are the host of Muslims who visit the country each year. HELNAN's professional services in building and managing hotels encourage Iranian and Middle Eastern businessmen to cooperate with it. These services are following: • Rooms Division • Human Resources & Training • Sales & Marketing • Engineering • Revenue Management • Food and Beverage • Internal and External Design • Landscape Architecture Planning • Safety and Security
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