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Emulsifiers, stabilizers and know-how put to work With nearly 100 years of experience and active in over 100 countries today, the name of Palsgaard is synonymous with specialized manufacture and supply of emulsifiers and stabilizers to the global confectionery, dairy, ice cream, bakery, mayonnaise, margarine, meat and related food industries. We have a thorough, international knowledge of the food sector as well as deep development and testing experience. And we’re keen to share it with our customers. Palsgaard was founded on a strong philosophy of loyalty, commitment and responsibility, and this philosophy is kept alive in the heart and actions of every employee today. We consider ourselves to be genuinely “heart working people”: What we do comes from the heart with dedication as our way of working and thinking. It is our ambition to reach out to lran’s many food manufacturers in order to create good and long-lasting business and human relations and to share our knowledge to mutual benefit.

PALSGAARD is a well-known name in Iran and Middle East.There is so many years, that Food industry PALSGAARD company corporates with IRANIAN famous Companies in the field of food. Pishgaman Pakhsh Sediegh Compny is the only agent of PALSGARD in IRAN which offers PALSGARD products to customers within bakery, confectionery, dairy, ice cream, margarine and fine foods. PALSGAARD scopes of activities are in the field of bakery, confectionery, dairy, ice cream, margarine and soy. There is more than 10 years since IRANIAN and Middle Eastern Food Producers, because of PALSGARD's professional engineers, tend to use PALSGARD productions in their company. In addition, PALSGAARD also has an active subsidiary office in UAE. PALSGAARD through the support and take part in exhibitions and specialized conferences of food industry which annually is held in Middle East, tries to expand its cooperation with manufacturers in Iran and Middle East . PALSGAARD now has headquarters, subsidiaries, production facilities, application facilities, sales agent and distributor in more than 100 countries, which the significant part of this cooperation take place in Middle East. The PALSGAARD's subsidiary in the UAE distributes PALSGARD products to many countries in Middle East. Some of these countries are Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Due to the vastness of Iran and the need for expertise and PALSGARD's products in Iran, we hope the coming years will continue further cooperation between Iran and PALSGARD.
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