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Resource Planning and Scheduling Software Advanced Emergency Management Decision Support PDc delivers innovative software for resource planning and scheduling in many lines of business, including aviation, health retail, etc. All business environments are characterized by complicated regulations and dynamics where a change in one context spreads to the following tasks to be performed. PDC supports clients of all sizes worldwide to gain profit, efficiency, reduce costs and we provide them with the overview and insight required to optimize their processes and performance. Furthermore, PDC delivers a software to support the emergency organization to make the best possible decision in case of incidents involving atmospheric dispersion of hazardous CBRN-materials. The solution is valuable throughout the entire disaster life cycle from preparedness, response, recovery to evaluation.

PDC in order to expand its presence in the Middle East began 2016 with meeting Iranian experts. PDC, who participated in the delegation of Denmark to IRAN, wants to increase its relations with IRAN. PDC has developed a unique knowledge based technology that allows it to deploy rules and AI methods for optimizing and efficient decision support – such as Visual Prolog. IRAN and the Middle Eastern countries can use PDC's 32 years of experience in a variety of industries, including aviation, health care, retail and services to improve their companies. For 28 years, PDC has worked with various technologies and solutions, some of which from 2013 are separated into independent companies. For example Dictus, who has an extensive experience in various speech technologies (speech recognition, speech synthesis, dialogue systems, telephone solutions mm). Also ARGOS Ltd, which develops and markets decision support systems related to chemical and nuklare preparedness systems. The planning and scheduling conference which next September will held in china is a good opportunity for Iranian and Middle Eastern company owners to develop their collaboration with PDC.
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