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Praesidio delivers secure business solutions to organizations, governments and the private sector .

Praesidio solve mission-critical Risk & Security problems on a global basis with local knowledge.

We have a proven track record in advising executive teams within  Corporations, The Financial Industry, International Law Firms Governments, Foundations and NGO’s and enable them to protect their company’s reputation, product, facilities or employees We are specialized and provides secure business solutions within: Risk assessment & Mitigation, Brand protection, Investigative auditing, business optimization and benchmarking, Backgrounds screening and staff vetting, Corporate security training and awareness & Crisis management.

Praesidio group joint Danish delegation and came to IRAN between 4 and 7 January 2016; and after this journey they found out IRAN has a huge potential for development and growth. Praesidio Group wishes to expand its activities in IRAN and the Middle East and expressed the lifting of sanctions against IRAN as one of the main causes of this desire. Already Praesidio wish to widen its operations in the Middle East by expanding services such as operations and secure business optimization in IRAN. Praesidio has numerous associates in its group who are professionally working in the Middle East but to identify investment opportunities in the Middle East Praesidio needs more presence in IRAN and other countries in this region; and Iranian experts in this regard can have effective cooperation with Praesidio. Praesidio in its visit of IRAN met Iranian Company owners and during these conversations found valuable opportunities in the field of business consulting and security in IRAN. Praesidio group has taken significant steps to connect with Asian countries. Some countries in Asia which Praesidio has effective cooperation with are Thailand, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Malaysia and Burmaa. IRAN, according to its position in the Middle East can offer Praesidio services in this area.
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