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Welltec The Power of Innovation Increase production, reduce cost, lower CAPEX Welltec develops and delivers technology and services intended to transform the oil and gas industry. Our game-changing solutions are dedicated to optimizing the construction and management of our clients’ well stock, from well completion design and construction to the intervention services required to ensure performance and integrity.

We operate in all types of onshore and offshore well environments, including the most extreme and hostile, such as deepwater, subsea, extended reach, heavy oil and unconventional gas and oil wells. Our lightweight solutions are based on a vision to improve safety while increasing sustainability and maximizing recovery. Today more than 800 employees work at Welltec offices and locations around the globe.

WELLTEC that provides up-to-date solutions to improve oil and gas industry, so far has done important jobs in the Middle East. The first idea of WELLTEC was created in 1987 and gradually improved until 1994 WELLTEC actually was established. WELLTEC has 62 representatives around the world, including 800 employees and so far has been able to have representative in a number of Middle Eastern countries, including Saudi Arabia, United Arabic Emirates and Qatar. In June, WELLTEC’s Senior Vice President, was invited to Iraq as part of the SPE Distinguished Lecturer program and gave speech. WELLTEC can look back at an impressive first half of 2013 with exhibitions in North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and South America, nine technical papers, 18 presentations, and two product awards. WELLTEC ' solutions are in these fields: • Conveyance • Mechanical • Clean- Out • Milling • Completions • RLWI • Diagnostics • Fishing The latest project of WELLTEC in the Middle East is milling power lines in Yemen that is the first milling operation in industrial scale in the Middle East and North Africa.
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