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IFU investment partner providing risk capital and emerging market expertise

IFU is an independent government-owned development finance institution providing risk capital to companies setting up business in developing countries. IFU’s purpose is to create economic growth and development in the investment countries and enhance the opportunities of Danish trade and industry in emerging markets. IFU provides share capital and loans on commercial terms for projects with a Danish investor or Danish commercial interest. IFU has expertise gained from investing in close to 1,200 companies operating in 100 countries. IFU is fund manager of four other funds, including the Danish Climate investment Fund, established to promote climate investments in developing countries. IFU has its head office in Copenhagen and 10 regional offices in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

IFU through its office in Egypt has done nearly 31 investment projects in the Middle East. IFU's office in Cairo provides consulting services for Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan and Iraq. IFU which is an investment expert, as a member of the Danish delegation came to IRAN to meet Iranian businessmen in January 2016. IFU presence in IRAN made a suitable understanding of IRAN market and this knowledge will determine the future cooperation between IRAN and IFU. Now IFU consider investing in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan and Iraq in the Middle East and North Africa, for its new work year. IFU Company has several offices around the world. Having an office in IRAN can significantly facilitate IFU investments in the Middle East and IRAN because Iranian businessmen information of economic opportunities in IRAN is far stronger and deeper. IRAN and the Middle East with abundant natural resources and also having good conditions for growth, they have very suitable basis to develop. Therefore, investment professionals and Iranian businessmen can take this opportunity to cooperate with IFU.
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IFU investment Foun for Developing Countries Fredericiagade 27 , 1310 Copenhagen K Denmark