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Minimalist design creating next-generation products LINDBERG in Denmark is a world-renowned trendsetter in the design and manufacture of fashion-conscious eyewear. The innovative designs, unusual materials and deft technical sales features fielded by this resolutely independent company have¬†also broken new ground in creating gorgeous glasses for discerning wearers not interested in mainstream sameness. LINDBERG reflects the meeting between stringent, timeless Scandinavian minimalism, sumptuously exclusive materials and a style awareness honed to perfection at the ritziest gatherings of style cognoscenti all round the world LINDBERG’s resolute insistence on high-quality minimalist design has resulted in iconic eyewear that have won dozens of prestigious awards worldwide. LINDBERG designs have also paved the way to new avenues for personal style statements and high-impact fashion eyewear.

LINDBERG Company in Iran and Middle East will have a good future. LINDBERG Company is experienced in manufacturing glasses and it takes all steps including design, development, production, creating or finding markets and sale it, all by itself. LINDBERG now, exports its products to 138 countries all over the world. This full cycle which LINDBERG takes, from design to sales products, causes lots of opportunities for cooperation with countries in Middle East and Iran. Providing raw materials to produce a specific model of glasses, having innovation in design, attention to detail and many other features make LINDBERG has received 77 awards in the field of designing glasses. Iranian's professional fashion designers relying on their knowledge and creativity can have effective cooperation with LINDBERG. LINDBERG uses variety of expertise in its business cycle. For example, image processing, is one of profession which helps LINDBERG to design. Tools production engineering is another specialty that LINDBERG needs to cooperate with other companies in it. Also Iranian and Middle Eastern companies can cooperate in the field of technical designation with LINDBERG. Because of LINDBERG's accuracy and extraordinary creativity, it welcomes who has these features to work with.
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+45 8744 4000
LINDBERG Bjarkesvej 30 , 8230 Aabyhoj Denmark