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Category: Invest in Iran Guidance

Under provisions of Iran’s Foreign Investment Promotion & Protection Act (FIPPA),foreign investors investing within the framework of contractual arrangements such as buy-back shall also have the right to make transfers abroad by using the mechanism of purchasing foreign exchange from the banking system of Iran. In consideration of their specific nature of investment and as stipulated in the Note of Article of the Implementing Regulations of FIPPA, these investors also have the privilege to make the transfers through export of goods, without giving up the right to purchase foreign exchange from the banking system.


Has Iran joined the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA)?

Yes, the Islamic Republic of Iran is a member of MIGA at present, to these end foreign investors can enjoy the guarantee mechanisms of this agency as well. Although FIPPA along with bilateral and multilateral investment agreements signed by Iran,…


Is Foreign Investment permitted in Iran?

Foreign investment is permitted in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations of the Country. All foreign investors are permitted to invest, for the purpose of development and producing goods and activities, in all areas of industry, mining, agriculture and…


What objectives are to be achieved by foreign investment?

The main objectives which achieved by foreign investment are: · Enhancing economic growth; · Increasing employment opportunities; · Access to and development of new technologies and managerial skills; · Upgrading quality of products and boosting export capabilities.


Under what legal or contractual framework, foreign investment may be admitted in Iran?

Foreign investment in Iran is admitted under all forms of legal participation (Foreign Direct Investment) and/or contractual arrangements. By contractual arrangements we mean all forms of project financing methods within the framework of civil participation, buy back arrangements, and different…