Sharif University of Technology is the center for attracting the best talents of the country. All holders of the World Olympiad medals as well as those holding high ranks national University Entrance Exam, choose Sharif University of Technology for education. The graduates of this university have well excelled at the national & international level universities and have grown reputation for Sharif University of Technology.

Attracting the best talents from the perspective of educating the elite forces of the community and helping to solve the fundamental problems of the country as well as extending the boundaries of knowledge is a responsibility beyond the achievements of the past, borne by the Sharif University of Technology and today’s Iran society.

Naturally, this responsibility requires material resources and spiritual support. Despite the brilliant performance of the past 50 years, Sharif University of Technology is facing challenges such as remarkable shortage of financial resources in the future. Reduction of per capita budget by government has caused university underperformance to equip laboratories, maintain facilities and services, supply professors. This all has threatened the future of the university and its students.

To maintain and improve the quality of Iranian talent training in Sharif, the funding of this university should be provided and strengthened by those who feel responsible for the future of Iran and the training of talented young Iranians. Without the support of the sponsors, who boost the funding and facilitate education, our generation has not done much to build the next elite generation.

The sponsors of the Sharif University of Technology are supporting the University with the goal of fulfilling their human and social responsibility to provide and strengthen the conditions for the education of the future elite of the country. Sharif University appreciates the sponsors for promoting the culture of social responsibility and helping better education of the next generation of Iran, in various ways.

The names of the university supporters and their type of support will be published in the list of university sponsors every year.

The list updates with the passage of time, but the name of the sponsors on this list will always remain there so that future generations will know the sponsors. Also, the buildings and facilities created by the sponsors will be named after themselves or as they want.

Sharif Foundation, the supporter of Sharif University of Technology, is providing the appropriate assistance to the charitable, religious and philanthropic individuals & entities, to clearly observe the costs and donations as well as the use of endowments through glass-house policy in order to help make greater impact of the support for achieving the university’s advanced developmental goals. Sharif Foundation believes in the establishment of the movement of supporting universities, science and technology.

Methods and ways of providing and receiving different types of assistance and support are as follows.

 Support types:

  • Cash
  • Non-cash
  • securities,
  • cash-settled shares
  • convertible currency
  • Religious Fund
  • Scholarship
  • Waqf (religious devotion of land, building, equipment, specialty, etc.)
  • Hiba (granting of land, building, equipment, expertise, personal property: includes books, artwork, etc.)
  • Provision of equipment and machinery for use in projects temporarily
  • Life insurance, copyright, patent and …
  • Provision of specialized counseling services (assistance as volunteers in resource absorption) by university professors, graduates, students and benefactors (natural and legal)
  • Attraction of economic projects to the Sharif Foundation and helping their implementation in mutual partnership

 Allocation of popular support:

  • Support for university welfare projects including construction and development of dormitories & Construction and development of cultural, sports and welfare facilities of the university
  • Supporting students including support for brilliant talented students to empower them & supporting needy students (housing loan support – scholarship – Borrowing loans and …)
  • Support for university developmental projects including development and equipping of educational & research facilities of colleges (physical space of libraries, laboratories and workshops)
  • Development of general university properties
  • Development and equipping of technology facilities & parks
  • Support for research and entrepreneurship projects including specific research and technology projects, theses and …)
  • Support for value creation and inventions
  • Support for scientific conferences

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