Sept 23, 2016
Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian said on Friday that promoting renewable energies application serves as the pivot of cooperation between Iran and Denmark in future.

In a meeting with his Danish counterpart, he called for collaboration on renewable energies, promoting water resources quality and recycling waste water.

Referring to Energy Ministry’s commitment to observe environmental considerations while implementing projects and Iran’s voluntary participation regarding Paris International Forum’s agreements, Chitchian said that given Denmark’s capabilities as well as Iran’s unparalleled capacities in the fields of wind and solar powers, promoting renewable energies application can serve as the basis of mutual cooperation in future.

The Iranian minister also said that water and wastewater treatment can be a good area of cooperation for the two countries’ private sectors.

Danish Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate, said he will visit Tehran to discuss areas of cooperation and promoting bilateral ties in the fields of water and electricity.

Meanwhile, in a meeting with the country’s minister of environment and food, Chitchian said that Iran has been facing a worrisome drought for 15 years due to climate change and low rainfall.

He also urged collaboration on reducing consequences of climate change, management of water consumption and promoting efficient irrigation technologies in the agriculture sector.

Chitchian called on Danish companies to cooperate with their Iranian counterparts in promoting water resources quality, and reducing urban water loss.
source: IRNA