‘Any talk does not necessarily mean negotiation in the real sense of the word,’ Qasemi said in reaction to some comments and news about the beginning of a new round of negotiations between the two sides on regional issues.

On the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference, talks were held between the delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran led by the deputy foreign minister for political affairs and his counterparts from some European countries (Italy, France, Britain and Germany) on the issue of Yemen because of the catastrophic conditions prevailing in that country such as blockade, disease, hunger and famine.

In its diplomatic contacts, Iran has always tried to end the war and aggression (against Yemen) , prepare the ground for return of calm and peace to the war-torn country and facilitate dispatch of humanitarian aid to the war-stricken Yemeni people, hoping that its diplomatic and political efforts would result in alleviating the sufferings of the innocent and defenseless people of that country and finding a solution to the crisis, he said.

Contrary to the claims raised by certain Western media outlets, Iran and Europe can actually exchange views and hold talks (not necessarily negotiations in the legal and political sense of the word) on all mutual, regional and international issues in line with the principled and wise policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

‘No doubt this is not something new but we do not verify these comments and claims about a kind of agreement on holding negotiations within a certain framework and mechanism on particular issues,’ Qasemi said.

Over the past decades, Iran has held talks with many regional countries, neighbors and European states on the basis of general principles governing its foreign policy, he said, adding that such talks and consultations have always been underway either in the period of so called ‘critical dialogues’ or later in the period of ‘comprehensive and constructive dialogues.

Definitely, the spokesman said, such talks have not been, and will never be, similar to what has been written or said recently by certain Western media outlets.