Danny Annan – Ambassador of Denmark

IRAN IS THE NEXT BIG THING The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action was a significant diplomatic achievement and a step towards a safer world. It also presents ample economic opportunities for both Denmark and Iran as the lifting of sanctions will include most of the current restrictions on the oil, gas, petrochemical, maritime and financial sectors. Furthermore, for sectors not directly affected by the present sanctions regime, the lifting of sanctions on financial transactions will make business with lran easier. The Iranian economy already the second biggest in the Middle-East and one of the Next Eleven economies is expected to reintegrate successfully into globalised international trade and finance and to grow at a healthy rate in the coming years provided that the deal on lran’s nuclear programme as expected is implemented in the first part of 2016.

It is expected that oil exports will almost double by the end of 2016. Iran has already demonstrated a keen readiness to engage with foreign investors by modernising the contract scheme for private investors in the oil and gas sector. Even with the current low oil prices growth will spread to other sectors and private consumption will be stimulated by a young and growing population. Denmark has much to offer. Iran is in need of know-how and new technology with particular emphasis on energy, petrochemicals, health, infrastructure, cleantech, food and agriculture Within these sectors Danish companies can offer the best competitive solutions. Danish services and products are considered technically advanced and reliable. I am therefore both pleased and honoured that the Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Kristian Jensen, will visit Iran on 4-5 January 2016 accompanied by a Danish business delegation. am convinced that the visit will serve to highlight mutually beneficial business opportunities that will spur growth in both Iran and Denmark. This will also further strengthen the good and long standing relations between our countries and pave the way for more new partnerships and areas of cooperation in the future.