Thomas Bustrup, Deputy Director General Confederation of Danish Industry
Karen Haekkerup, CEO Danish Agriculture & Food Council
Jakob Ullegard, Director Danish Shipowners’ Association
Jens Klarskov, CEO Danish Chamber of Commerce
Halldor Halldorsson, Business Development Manager Danish Export Association
Not more than a year ago we celebrated the 80th anniversary for Iranian and Danish diplomatic relations. The story began with the Trans lranian railroad being constructed by the Danish company Kampsax in the mid 30’s. Iran is still a fascinating market for many Danish companies. An unexplored possibility. The position as the world’s 18h largest economy with a population of 78 million people combined with its central location in the region, make lran a point of natural interest for a country like Denmark. Iran and Denmark have many things in common. We value high education, knowhow, high quality and innovative solutions.
over the last decade trade has been constrained by international sanctions and has not been at the level one could expect with a country of Iran’s size. We believe that we now have the momentum for creating stable growth in mutual trade between Iran and Denmark. The majority of our current exports to Iran consist of pharmaceuticals and machinery. But, as is evident from the composition of this business delegation, Denmark has much more to offer, particularly within the energy, maritime and cleantech sectors, as well as within health, food and agroindustry. Therefore, we are delighted that the Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. Kristian Jensen has decided to lead a strong business delegation to lran from 4-5 January 2016. The first Danish business delegation in ten years. We thank you for the opportunity to visit your beautiful country. We are certain that this visit will strengthen the trade and economic ties between our two countries-bringing growth, prosperity and solutions to both our countries. We are looking forward to the coming days in Teheran. Thank you to the Iranian and Danish companies for participating in the planned activities.