Iran top regional trade partner of Swedish Volvo Trucks

According to the website of Saipa Automaking Group, the managing director of Saipa Diesel left for Sweden at the invitation the company to receive Trade Conference Award and hold talks with the managing director and senior managers of Volvo Trucks.

The two companies have started cooperation in 1972 and have jointly produced FH, FM and F12 trucks in Iran.

During meetings between directors of Saipa Diesel and Volvo Trucks, various topics including prerequisites for renovating the country’s trade fleet, promoting self-sufficiency and home-made products by 50-percent and developing and reinforcing after-sales network were discussed.

After preliminary agreements, it was agreed the two sides undertake necessary studies in a short time and take actions to sign cooperation memoranda of understanding.

Saipa Diesel was selected as the top trade partner of Volvo Trucks due to its range of orders and purchasing completely knocked down (CKD) for producing 3,200 Volvo trucks in 2017.
Volvo is the biggest producer of automobiles in Sweden.