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Agriculture and food represent Denmark’s largest industry and innovation cluster The agriculture and food sector produces food for 15 million people or roughly three times the Danish population.

Food products together with agribusiness machinery and food technology account for nearly one quarter of Denmark’s total exports.

With its roots in the farmers’ cooperative movement, the Danish agriculture and food sector draws on a transparent and well integrated value chain to supply high quality food and agricultural products to the most demanding markets around the world.

Complementing a long history of exporting quality food and agricultural products, Denmark has recently become known for its contribution to international cuisine. The Danish agribusiness industry is a leading supplier of breeding material as well as equipment for livestock and crop production The Danish food technology industry is a leading supplier of process equipment ingredients, packaging and other technology like cooling equipment.

With its increased focus on development of sustainable solutions in agriculture and food production, the Danish agriculture and food cluster is also taking a lead in developing renewable energy.

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