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The public Danish Healthcare system provides universal and equal healthcare covera for all Danish citizens.

Many years of cooperation between public authorities and Danish pharmaceutical companies, has contributed to creating world-elite class treatment of diabetes, depression, skin disorders and allergies.

Pharmaceutical exports currently represent Denmark’s largest export sector with more than 12% of total Danish exports. Measured by the number of employees relative to the size of the Danish population, Denmark has the second largest pharmaceutical industry in the world. Since 1997, pharmaceutical exports have more than tripled.

Approx. 90% of Danish pharmaceutical production is exported. Danish companies achieved global sales of $17bn in 2014 Danish focus on high quality treatment and prevention of diseases has also contributed creating a medical technology industry which manufacture innovative instruments hearing aids, apparatuses, implants, and reagents.

Measured by market size per capita, Denmark is the second largest Medical Device market in Europe. More than 95% of Danish medical devises are exported is a substantial export surplus. and there in the The Medtech segment has almost tripled its’ export period 2001-2011 accumulating to approx. $9.1bn in sales in 2010.

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