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The Danish maritime industry is world leading hipping is Denmark’s export industry. More than once every 15 minutes a Danish operated ship arrives biggest the world, carrying cargo to and from or a port somewhere in countries and thus creating growth and development. 10% of the world’s trade is carried by Danish shipowners.

Accounting for less than 0.1% of the world’s population, Denmark looks small on the world map. However Danish shipping commands a strong position on the global scene and Danish shipowners rank among the 10 biggest seafaring nations measured by controlled tonnage.

The Danish maritime technology industry is famous for its quality products and its Innovative technological solutions. Almost all large cargo ships worldwide are equipped with Danish marine technology, products or equipment.

The industry is dynamic and it comprises a large number of skills within specialized businesses such as shipyards marine equipment suppliers plus maritime services.

Danish maritime manufacturers offer environmental and climate friendly products and solutions, and in many cases these do not only meet with the legal requirements; often they are a step ahead in order to accommodate future demands. The Danish maritime industry is proud to share its solutions and inspire

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