The Nordic Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Copenhagen, headquarter, (NICCC) which was established in January 2016.

NICCC is a non-government, non-profit, politically and religiously independent association aiming to be a forum for cooperation between professionals, organizations and other stakeholders in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland & Finland) and Iran.

NICCC promotes and provides affiliates with information, advises and supports on issues that are important to their business, innovation, technology, science, higher education and knowledge transfer.

The board of the NICCC, with the unique expertise and knowledge of both cultural, commercial and scientific environments, is the premier body to promote building up contacts with key stakeholders at agencies, associations and companies to promote their member’s business interests, actively support the diaspora and their relatives in their role as a link for the development of trade, investment, innovation, technology, science, higher education and knowledge transfer between the Nordic countries and Iran.

Trade relations, FDI investment as well as investment in human capital, innovation and technology transfer between the Nordic countries and Iran go back many centuries.

A quick look at historic relations illuminates a few interesting examples, such as the first Persian envoy to Denmark which arrived in 1691 in order to negotiate the release of an Iranian-owned cargo of a vessel seized by the Danish fleet.  Although King Christian V of Denmark, the ruling Danish Monarch at the time, was not able to secure the release of the cargo, the meetings between the two countries provided a path which later on resulted in the opening of the Danish Embassy in Iran (in 1933) and the signing of the Kampsax A/S contract to construct the trans-Iranian railway line. The Nordic-Iranian history contains many other historically rooted examples such as the above.

With the new developments and the business friendly environment of the post-sanctions era, Iran with a population of 80 million, vast natural resources, and a young, educated and innovative work force, has once again become very attractive for foreign investments.

From the recent activities with the Nordic countries it is evident that indeed, there are successful ongoing agreements for collaborations between the Nordic countries and Iran, with a view to achieve mutual objectives.