April 14, 2017
Seminar on the Implications of the Nuclear Agreement with Iran

An international seminar on the Implications of the Nuclear Agreement with Iran was held on 3 – 4 April 2017 at Copenhagen University with senior officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Iranian and Danish Ambassadors, scholars, experts and representatives of major Danish companies in attendance.

H.E. Morteza Moradian, Iranian Ambassador to Denmark, in his speech at the seminar, elaborated on the nuclear agreement, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) including views from the UN, the EU, Iran and the United States.

Moradian, referring to regular reports from the International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA, confirming Irans full compliance with the terms of JCOPA reminded Irans interlocutors to fully abide by their undertakings. He criticized the irresponsible behavior of the US including contradictory statements about compliance with the agreement and pointed to renewal of Iran sanctions, visa restrictions on Iranian nationals, and limitations on financial and banking services to Iran and creation of obstacle for Iranian trading partners as examples of the violations of the terms of the agreement and called on the US and others to fully abide by their obligations.

Moradian also reiterated the full support of the EU for the nuclear agreement and the desire by the European nations to fully engage Iran in economic and trade cooperation and spoke of an increase in foreign investment in Iran since the implementation of the nuclear agreement.

The Iranian Ambassador, highlighting the openings since the implementation of the nuclear agreement pointed to important economic potentials in Iran including its location at the cross roads of the North – South and East – West transport corridors, domestic market of 80 million and easy access to another 400-million market in the region, young and educated workforce, and most importantly stability and security of the country as its most important advantages in attracting foreign investment.

Moradian then turned his attention to bilateral relations between Iran and Denmark and said: The volume of trade between the two countries has increased by 60 percent since the implementation of the JCPOA from $175 million in 2015 to $270 Million in 2016, and major Danish companies have opened offices in Tehran in pursuit of participation in investment projects in Iran.

In his closing remarks the Iranian Ambassador said four decades of tough sanctions not only has failed to weaken Iran but on the contrary helped to enhance Irans power and standing and with international open arms to interaction with Iran those who pursued a policy of sanctioning Iran are now left in isolation.

The Danish Ambassador to Tehran, in his remarks at the seminar, welcomed the increasing economic and cultural cooperation between the two countries and reiterated firm support of the EU and particularly Denmark of the nuclear agreement and cooperation with Iran.