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German industry expert: ‘No one will be bypassed by digitisation’

Digitisation has become a fix point in the public debate as significant effects on the economy and the working world are expected. Are Germany and the EU well prepared? EURACTIV Germany spoke to Iris Plöger. Iris Plöger is a member of the…


The dos and don’ts of Danish business etiquette

There are many useful things worth keeping in mind as a newcomer to the Danish workplace, writes guest columnist Kay Xander Mellish. More than 200,000 foreigners are now at work in Denmark, according to the Confederation of Danish Industry. But…


France is ready to help Iran’s economic projects

Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance and Head of Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran Mohammad Khazaei in a meeting with ‘Bpifrance’ governor announced Iran’s readiness to have long-term cooperation with the French bank to pave the…


OECD Upgrades Iran’s Risk Rating

 Iran’s credit rating in the OECD was at 7 the position, the lowest possible in OECD. Since 2016, with the efforts by the Organization for Investment Economic and Technical Assistance (OIETA) as well as the Central Bank, Foreign Ministry and…